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wp30_transportFARMI Mastersplit WP 30CS’s unique patented feeding platform makes the job easier and faster.  You simply operate the cross-cutting lever and the stem moves along on the feeding platform.

The hydraulic lifter (optional item) lifts the stems from the pile on to the feeding platform for processing. This way there’s less strain on your back and your arms.

A V-shaped feeding platform is part of the standard equipment in all of the models and keeps the tree stems in place during processing.  Cross cutting is done lightly and quietly by a chainsaw function. Chainsaw is running only during cutting. Automatic lubrication of chain by pump.

Splitting is done hydraulically into 2 or 4 parts. Splitting speed is increased by over 40% when using the rapid action function.  Debris and splinters fall down through the grating.   Extra equipment includes a blade for splitting into to 6 pieces.

Once the pieces are split they are carried along a conveyor to the drop area.  The standard conveyor is on a hinge which allows the operator to swing the conveyor side-to-side.

Technical Specs:
Cross Cutting By Chainsaw

Drive of Chainsaw

Cross cutting speed normal action
2.4 sec
Cross cutting speed rapid action
1.6 sec
Splitting Force

3.8 / 6 tons
Stem Diameter

Max 11 3/4"
Length of Split Wood

Max 23 1/2"
Conveyor Belt Width

9 1/3"
Conveyor Length

13' 2"
Drive of Conveyor

990 lbs
Power Requirement

10 hp
Power Source

Tractor / Electric Motor / Combustion Motor


When in its transport position, the conveyor
is locked over the machine.


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